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Tigne Point Residents – Frequently Asked Questions


I have a problem with my SIS access card

SIS access cards are managed through a Siemens software. In case you experience any issues, please contact your administrator.


I have no access to the pool on my SIS access card

The pool access is regulated on the basis of a membership based system. Pool access is only available to residents and is activated once the annual membership forms have been submitted and the relevant fees have been paid. Please click here to submit a membership application.


My SIS access card is broken/lost/stolen

Please contact your administrator. In urgent cases contact SIS through [email protected].


I would like to buy another SIS card

Please contact your administrator. Upon collection of your card you will have to provide identification documentation.


I would like to change my PIN number on my SIS card

Please contact your administrator.


I need another key to my apartment as I have lost it/had it stolen

Please contact your administrator. In urgent cases contact SIS through [email protected].


Can I lease annual car space in the garage downstairs?

It is possible to procure long term access to the Tigne Point car park on a long term basis. In case you are interested to rent a car space, please contact [email protected].


I am stuck in the resident’s garage and cannot get out. Who do I call?

Please contact your administrator. The Concierge number is 9999 3234.


I have a problem with my HVAC

In case of problems with your HVAC system, please contact SIS through [email protected].


I have an issue in my apartment regarding switches/plumbing/bathroom tiles/windows etc. 

If your apartment has been acquired directly from Midi and is still under warranty, please refer the issue initially to [email protected]. If you are unsure, wheather your property is within a warranty period with Midi, please refer to your purchase contract. In all other cases please contact relevant tradespeople of your choice to resolve the issue. 


I have not received my MIDI Loyalty Card

Midi loyalty cards are reserved for apartment owners. Please contact [email protected] in case you have not received your loyalty card.


Who organises the internet supply to the apartment?

Midi and SIS are not providing any internet services. Please contact the internet service provider of your choice, should you wish to acquire internet access.


I do not have television service – programmes are off the air

Contact your TV/SMATV service provider.


The lift isn’t working in the Pjazza

Please contact your administrator.


The lift isn’t working in the apartment blocks

Please contact your administrator.


There is a medical emergency or fire

Please call the general 112 emergency number. In addition, you may also inform security by calling 99137113. In cases of emergency, however, important to contact the relevant emergency number before having contacted security.


Where do I throw my garbage?

There are garbage disposals in the common areas of every condominium. Please contact your administrator in case you have any further questions.


I have lost an item. Is there a lost and found?

Please contact security on 99137113.


There is a disturbance in the Pjazza by the Pjazza retail or catering outlets

We would recommend to firstly contact the source of the disturbance. Furthermore, you can contact [email protected].


There is no water in the block

Please contact your administrator.


I have a problem with my water tank on the roof – no water flowing in/level is stuck in tank

Please contact your administrator who can guide you on condominium procedures. 


I have a furniture/personal/container delivery

Please contact your administrator.


My intercom is not working

Please contact your administrator.



Important contact details


Police 112  
Ambulance 112  
Fire 112  
MIDI customer service   [email protected]
SIS customer service   [email protected]
24 hour security 99137113  
FM Core ‐ Administrator for
T4, T5, T6 and T7
  [email protected]
FM Core Concierge 99993234  
Realhouse ‐ Administrator for
T8 , T9 , T10, Pjazza Blocks, Q1 and Q2
20600073 [email protected]
Realhouse Concierge 99993234  
  • Tigné Point Marketing Ltd, Pjazza Tigné, Tigné Point TP01, Malta

    Tel: 00356 2065 5510

    Fax: 00356 2065 5511

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