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Safety & Security

SIS ltd, a joint venture between MIDI and technology giants Siemens SPA offers a holistic package of access control, fire detection, CCTV, car park operation, HVAC climate control system and advanced digital IP telephony and broadband network systems.

A fully resilient state-of-the-art Network Operating Centre closely monitored and controlled 24 hours a day is at the core of this new technology.

This state of the art security hub ensures that all installations at Tigné Point are running smoothly and provides assurance for residents, guests and businesses alike. Control room supervision takes into account Access control, Fire detection, CCTV, ICT and Car Park Operations.

Providing a dual back up of all system components, the control room ensures that ‘down-time’ is practically eliminated. Professional personnel have the ability to monitor,check and control all systems in real time – thereby guaranteeing that Tigne’ Point enjoys a consistently safe, comfortable and harmonious living environment.

Vehicular access to Tigne’ Point is managed through an underground road network and car park area catering for over 2000 cars. CCTV plays a large part, ensuring that personnel have a constant visual to ensure safety and security.

Fire prevention and emergency control at Tigne’ Point is every bit as sophisticated as the rest of the infrastructure. The detection systems monitor the entire complex on a 24/7 basis. This serves to detect any faults and also to direct emergency services, should the need arise, to the exact location and in the shortest possible time. The high quality of this service is guaranteed thanks to a regular ongoing programme of preventive maintenance, testing and repair.

Access control also plays a large part in the overall safety and security of the development whilst providing residents with easy access throughout Tigne’ Point. The innovative access control key issued to all residents serves as a universal key to all areas of Tigne’ Point. This allows residents to roam unhindered around the complex and the clubhouse pool area. Furthermore this ‘key’ is proximity activated, so there is no physical contact or swiping necessary. If a key is reported missing it can be deactivated by the control office in a matter of seconds and a replacement key can be issued.

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    Tel: 00356 2065 5510

    Fax: 00356 2065 5511

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