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The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system by SIS ltd is a prime example of innovative technology providing economic solutions for corporate and residential applications alike.

The environmentally-sound and energy-efficient climate control system supplies heating and cooling to 25,000 square metres of retail space and some 200 homes. It will also cater for 14,000 square metres of office and commercial space that is currently under construction at Tigné Point.

Using sea water sourced onsite as the constant cooling agent, the HVAC system offers considerable energy savings increased all the more thanks to a computerized Climate Control System that ensures maximum efficiency and almost negligible wastage. This system is centrally controlled using top of the range software designed specifically to make efficient use of hot and cool water so as to save on energy consumption.

At the core of the HVAC system design lies reliability, scalability, a low carbon footprint and the optimization of energy use. The project is a first for Malta because it is supplying different types of end users on a large scale, including residential, retail and commercial.  

Perhaps the most important  contributions to sustainability and lifestyle enjoyment in the planning of Tigne’ Point was the creation of a master plan that included mixed use facilities that cut down on the need to use one’s car and to eliminate all vehicle routes above ground throughout the development.

To do this, all vehicle access routes, service lay-bys and parking facilities at Tigné Point were situated underground, beneath the apartments, offices and retail areas. 

It was due to this innovative policy that today, whether residents and visitors are simply strolling around the shops, sitting in the piazza or enjoying one of the shoreline walking trails, the pleasure of the experience is not in any way diminished by cars, fumes and traffic.

With over 40% of the entire development dedicated to open spaces the benefits of a fully car free zone are very real and immediately apparent. 

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