Pool Membership

Tigné Point Residents Pool Membership

Please complete the below form to apply for membership at the Tigné Point Residents Pool. Once you have submitted your online application a member of our staff will contact you. Kindly note membership is only available to Tigné Point residents.


Please take note of the following instructions when applying for your pool membership cards:

  • A photo of the cardholder is required when applying for General, Child and 30 Days Membership Cards. No photos are required for Guest Cards.
  • If you do no have photos to upload please submit your application without the photo(s) and proceed to the sales office where your photo(s) will be taken. Kindly contact us beforehand by phone on (+356) 2060 0073 or by email at [email protected] to set an appointment.
  • All cardholders’ faces must be clearly visible (i.e. faces covered with sunglasses and/or hats will not be accepted).
  • Each uploaded photo must have a maximum file size of 5 MB whilst the file format must be .JPEG, .JPG or .PNG.

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      2021 Pool Membership Price List

      General Entry Card: €160.00

      Child Card (2 to 6 years): €75.00

      Guest Card (10 visits): €100.00

      30 Days Card: €100.00