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Dr. Alec Mizzi


Dr Alec Mizzi has been appointed to succeed his late father Albert as chairman of the MIDI plc.

Albert Mizzi passed away on 10th September 2015.

Alec A. Mizzi graduated as Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta in 1979 and Master of Laws from the University of London in 1980, in which year he joined Alf Mizzi & Sons Group. He has been Managing Director of Alf Mizzi & Sons (Marketing) Ltd. since 1986 and was appointed CEO of Alf. Mizzi & Sons Group in 1993.

He is non-executive director of a number of Alf. Mizzi & Sons subsidiary and associated companies, including Intercomp Ltd., Consolidated Biscuit Co Ltd., Macpherson Mediterranean Ltd., Homemate Ltd, Kitchen Concepts Ltd, Inspirations Ltd., LandOverseas Fund Sicav p.l.c, Supermarkets (1960) Ltd., as well as various overseas subsidiaries.

Dr Mizzi has also been appointed by the Government of Malta as non-executive Chairman of Malta Enterprise Corporation (2006-2008) and Malta Industrial Parks Ltd (2005-2008), as well as Director of Water Services Corp, Malta External Trade Corp (METCO), Malta Venture Capital p.l.c. and Grand Harbour Rehabilitation Project. He has also served as Director of HSBC Fund Management Ltd, and is a Director of, amongst others, First Gemini p.l.c. and EC Holdings Ltd.